Orthotics are custom made devices that are worn inside the shoe or sandal.


The goal of prescribing an orthotic is to change the mechanics of how the body functions during walking (gait).

Orthotics achieve this by placing the foot and ankle in a neutral position which is optimal for function of the lower extremity, hip, and back.


The gold standard for prescribing orthotics is to first measure the deformities in the foot as well as any leg length discrepancies.

The foot is then laser scanned into a 3-D computer image while the patient is lying down (non weight bearing). This captures the foot without weight bearing distortion.

During this process, the foot and ankle are held in the neutral vertical position.


The 3-D image is then sent to the lab were an exact foot model is made from the precise dimensions. The orthotic device is then built on that foot in accordance with the doctor’s prescription for correction.


The Eliminator line is our group of all-purpose sport orthotics. JSB’s system of varying material thickness based on patient’s weight, activity and physiology, assures your patient both maximum orthotic performance and optimum fit.



Graphite orthotics are best suited for patients requiring maximum control with less bulk than traditional sport devices.

When a patient wears an orthotic device, we are then able to change how the joints work and function during the gait cycle. This includes biomechanical alignment of the ankle, knee, hip, and low back. With normal biomechanics restored, we are then able to treat the patient’s condition using Laser Therapy to achieve long term and sometimes permanent results for the patient’s condition.